Attack of the Rotten Tomatoes Presents

May 24, 2018 to Dec 07, 2018

Playing at Finest City Improv
4250 Louisiana Street, San Diego, California 92104

Presented by Finest City Improv
In a world where [noun] is your favorite blockbuster movie, a new [adjective] show has arrived to [expletive] it all up …

The movie obsessed comedians of Finest City Improv take blockbusters off of the screen and onto our stage with the help of the audience in this interactive, totally upside down, and absolutely uproarious show! Like a blockbuster movie gone horribly wrong, Attack of the Rotten Tomatoes is an improvised show where we take the movies you fondly remember and—with suggestions from YOU, our audience—mutate and mangle them into hilarious abominations that would make M. Night Shyamalan say “Even I didn’t see that coming!”

We’ll schmooze, we’ll laugh, we’ll soothe your issues. But we’ll also scar your children, so make sure to leave them at home.

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