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  • Production Manager posted on 07/28/2018

    Diversionary Theatre Mainstage

    Production Manager

    Department: Production
    Reports to: Executive Artistic Director & Managing Director
    Works with: Design and Production staff, Artistic Associate
    Manages: Production staff and volunteers
    Status: FTE (up to 40 hours/week) regular, non-exempt
    Salary: Commensurate with experience and size of small professional theatre


    The Production Manager is the main point of contact for the technical and production side of Diversionary Theatre and works closely with the Executive Artistic Director and Managing Director in fulfilling all duties and professional expectations. The Production Manager maintains the inventory of production equipment and facilities, and supports communication between the Executive Artistic Director, Managing Director and production staff on each show produced at Diversionary. The Production Manager is responsible for making sure the production schedule is adhered to, and the needs of the designers are met. The Production Manager may also stage manage select shows and cabarets produced on the Diversionary stage, as assigned by the Executive Artistic Director and Managing Director.

    A key team member in maintaining the quality of the Diversionary experience, the Production Manager will also help preserve the general facilities, including front of house appearance and amenities, The Mainstage, the Black Box, and support the facilitation and organization of special events both on site and off site.

    The Production Manager will be responsible for managing, scheduling and supporting all rentals of the Diversionary facility. This includes arranging walk-throughs, being the point person for technical requests from renters, completing rental memos, and maintaining the facilities calendar with accurate rental information.

    The Production Manager will also work closely with the Managing Director on drafting and completing all contracts for production staff, as well as fulfilling Company Management needs of each production. Company Management needs include orienting production staff to Diversionary policies and procedures, including, but not limited to comp and ticket requests, catering support for first and technical rehearsals, and wardrobe laundry.

    Production Manager Core duties include but are not limited to:
    • Coordinate and oversee the technical production of the Mainstage, Cabaret and new play development programming
    • Oversee the production schedule and ensure all production and design deadlines are met
    • Oversee and support the scenic construction of each show in the Mainstage and Cabaret series
    • Oversee and support the load-in, technical and dress rehearsals and preview performances of the Mainstage and Cabaret series
    • Support scheduling and running Production Meetings on the Mainstage and Cabaret series
    • As Resident Stage Manager, Stage Manage select Mainstage and Cabaret series productions as assigned by the Executive Artistic Director
    • As Resident Stage Manager, work collaboratively with the Director and Designers on each production, as assigned Executive Artistic Director
    • Work with the design staff of each production to meet their needs and execute their designs, as assigned Executive Artistic Director
    • Operate, maintain and safeguards the technical assets of the theatre, including supervising the use of lighting, sound, communications equipment, and the use and maintenance of stage facilities.
    • Determine the necessary technical supports, such as lighting, sound, staging, and special needs, necessary for events and performances presented at the facility in advance of production dates.
    • Assist Guest Designers set up, maintain and operate lighting and sound systems for theatre, dance, music, and other productions and projects
    • Advise stage managers and designers, on the technical specifications, costs and usage of technical equipment required for the individual show, and supervise the implementation of approved technical designs.
    • Supervise and assist with set and stage construction and management.
    • Assist in recruiting, training and assignment of volunteer or paid technical staff for individual shows.
    • Orient facility renters and visiting productions to safety, technical characteristics and other areas of facility operations; supervise the use of the technical facilities by the resident company and others engaged by or renting the facility.
    • Monitor the condition of equipment including lighting, sound, and rigging equipment; arrange for the repair and replacement within budgetary constraints; perform preventative maintenance on equipment.
    • Assist with the preparation and control of production budgets; maintain inventory and order specialized supplies.
    • Attend technical rehearsals, in order to supervise and assist in the technical aspects of mounting the show
    • Make recommendations to Executive Artistic Director and Managing Director regarding capital purchases of technical equipment
    • Provide Union/OSHA safety regulations for staff and well-being of theatre.
    • Serve as a point of contact for all design departments pre-production, load-ins and strike schedules.
    • Design and implement internship program for students and recent graduates in technical theatre
    • Assist the Managing Director in engaging and supporting individuals and organizations who rent the Diversionary facility
    • Oversee and coordinate management and servicing of the Diversionary facility

    Company Management
    • Work with the Managing Director on drafting and contracting staff and personal for each mainstage and Cabaret production.
    • Orient company members to the rules and regulations of Diversionary Theatre.
    • Support and guide the Stage Manager for each production, including but not limited to laundry and craft services.
    • Work with the Business Associate and Managing Director in ensuring that all production staff are paid in a timely manner.

    • Fill in as FOH Manager and box office support as needed
    • Regularly answer phone calls and selling tickets/reserving subscriber seats for individual shows
    • Maintain a clean and tidy facility, including common areas, scenic shop and green room.
    • Assist where needed in all fundraising and marketing activities
    • Actively contribute to Diversionary Theatre’s overall image, brand and fulfillment of its mission as needed, participate in Board and committee meetings
    • Other duties as assigned.

    • Contribute to a professional, friendly work environment for guest artists and designers that strengthens Diversionary and the business of theatre entertainment.
    • Remain current on technical advancements in design and production, and evolving best practices in production
    • Assist where needed in all fund raising and marketing activities
    • Assist with special events and promotions
    • Actively contribute to Diversionary Theatre’s overall image, brand and fulfillment of its mission
    • As needed, participate in Board and committee meetings
    • Actively participate, engage in, and contribute to all Audience Engagement & Marketing activities, meetings and planning

    Diversionary Theatre is an Equal Opportunity Employer; women and people of color encouraged to apply.

    To apply by sending cover and resume to Matt Morrow, Executive Artistic Director at before August 31, 2018. No phone calls please.

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  • Business & Accounting Associate posted on 07/28/2018

    Diversionary Theatre Mainstage

    Business & Accounting Associate

    Department: General Management
    Reports to: Executive Director, Managing Director, and/or Board Treasurer
    Status: Independent Contractor, (approximately 15 hours/week)
    Pay: $25/Hour
    The Business & Accounting Consultant is responsible for processing accounts payable and receivable; making regular bank deposits and maintaining accounts and data in Quickbooks. In addition, collaborate with the Managing Director and Executive Artistic Director as needed in preparing reports, maintaining records, and developing and implementing accounting procedures.

    Specific duties include:

    Accounts Payable/Receivable
    • Process accounts payable according to company policies, procedures and timelines
    • Maintain current and comprehensive accounts payable and accounts receivable reports in Quickbooks
    • Maintain organized, easy-to-access files, archives and backup of financial data
    • Work with Executive Artistic Director, Managing Director and Board Treasurer to refine, communicate and train staff on continually improving procedures.

    Banking and accounts
    • Reconcile Credit Card and Banking Statements
    • Supervise banking and credit card reconciliations and tracking cash flow
    • Process monthly donations

    • Process payroll for employees and artist stipends
    • Prepare and submit worker’s compensation, 1099s, tax reporting, vacation and other payroll and HR related reports

    • Maintain vendor files and records
    • File monthly “Bookkeeper Notes” which reports on the financial health and viability of the organization as whole.
    • Oversee and maintain cash flow report
    • Assist in generating and preparation of reports as directed
    • Assist as needed in maintaining current records for the annual audit and tax filing
    • Assist the engaged certified public accountant in preparing the annual audit
    • Prepare the annual DataArts survey (formerly known as the California Cultural Data Project report)

    • Participate in audience engagement and patron stewardship, when available
    • Other duties as assigned

    Expectations (Required)
    • Exceptional knowledge, skill and speed using QuickBooks and Excel
    • Adept at operating in a small but growing and evolving company structure
    • Strong ability and willingness to follow instructions precisely and meticulously
    • Extremely organized, detail-oriented, and deadline-sensitive
    • Excellent communication skills, especially in crafting and instructing other staff on procedures and polices
    • Ability to handle multiple projects at once

    Qualifications (Desired)
    • Advanced understanding of Quickbooks, reporting, accounts payable and receivable functions
    • Advanced understanding of accounting procedures and reporting
    • General knowledge of not-for-profit businesses
    • Passion for advancing the business of theatre, arts and culture
    • Strong and diverse understanding of payroll and general HR practices
    • General knowledge of theatre business, especially actor and artist contracts
    • Experience working with the DataArts (formerly known as the California Cultural Data Project)

    Diversionary Theatre is an Equal Opportunity Employer; women and people of color encouraged to apply.

    To apply by sending cover and resume to Matt Morrow, Executive Artistic Director at before June 29, 2018. No phone calls please.

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  • Arts Integration Program Manager posted on 07/18/2018

    Arts for Learning San Diego - An Affiliate of Young Audiences


    Vision Statement: Arts for Learning San Diego envisions a world where all students, families and communities imagine, create, and thrive through the arts.
    Arts for Learning San Diego (A4LSD), the largest and oldest not-for-profit organization in San Diego County focusing solely on arts education services, provides arts learning opportunities for students, families and communities. A4LSD operates residencies, workshops, assemblies, family arts nights, and professional learning for teaching artists and classroom teachers. The purpose of this position is to oversee programs ensuring partnership alignment and quality of programs. This position works closely with the A4LSD Programs Team to ensure Professional Teaching Artist Development and quality of programs delivered. This is a critical leadership position in the ensuring programming direction and day-to-day operations are aligned with organizational mission and culture. This position serves as a liaison between the partner/school receiving services and the Arts Partners/Professional Teaching Artist’s delivering them. This position currently reports to the Programs Director, and receives program support from the Programs Coordinator position (when active).


    • Serve as the primary point of contact to the SDUSD VAPA Program Manager and VAPA Resource Teachers, Schools and artists
    • Participate as a key member of the Learning Through the Arts Leadership Team
    • Oversee all phases of advising participating schools in the selection of arts integration residency programs
    • Maintain accurate records and budgets to comply with the terms of the contract
    • Provide principals with ongoing access to site specific budget details
    • Participate in and/or facilitate information workshops for principals as needed
    • Attend culminating events as needed
    • Assist with planning meetings and/or observations at schools experiencing difficulties as needed
    • Participate in conflict resolution meetings between school sites and Nonprofit Partners as needed
    • Provide additional logistical support and coordination at sites with more than one Nonprofit Partner
    • Participate and assist in professional development workshops focused on the integration of teaching artists into the classroom
    • Advise participating schools in the selection of qualified arts integration providers and teaching artists
    • Maintain a standard administrative process for contracting and compensating teaching artists and nonprofit providers
    • Streamline the system for providing Nonprofit Partners, school sites, and the Learning Through the Arts Leadership Team with ongoing access to both static and developing program documents
    • Manage all phases of Nonprofit Partner contracting and invoicing
    • Serve as the primary point of contact for Nonprofit Partners
    • Monitor the work of Nonprofit Partners in terms of performance benchmarks and metrics
    • Monitor teaching artists progress and collection of performance data, which includes site visits, one-on-one meetings with classroom teachers and artists, trouble shooting, professional development, etc.
    • Oversee all phases of annual Nonprofit Partner and Teaching Artist satisfaction surveys
    • Oversee completion of all nonprofit provider and teaching artist evaluative reports
    • Streamline the teaching artist time sheet and Nonprofit Partner invoicing procedures
    • Create and implement a system for arts supply reimbursement for Nonprofit Partners
    • Work with the Executive/Programs Director to facilitate quarterly Nonprofit Partner check-in meetings
    • Manage A4LSD residency artists in the LTA program according to A4LSD standards
    • Oversee programs in music, theatre, dance, visual art, literary arts, and media arts in San Diego County School Districts
    • Maintain current partnerships with School Principals, Arts Program Coordinators, PTA Leadership, After-School Site Supervisors, and Classroom Teachers in an effort to co-create collaborative in-school and after-school arts education programs, as well as support Programs Director in initiating new community partnerships and marketing services to the community
    • Ensure ongoing efficient and effective use of Salesforce by maintaining Salesforce accounts related to programs including up-to-date contracts, records, artist information, required documents, venue demographics, materials and supplies, etc. are all entered completely, accurately and in a timely manner
    • Create ongoing contracts with school districts and/or individual sites and Professional Teaching Artists as independent contractors
    • Create, manage, and track invoices and payments, at the artist and venue levels to ensure accuracy and timeliness
    • Monitor programs through periodic on-site visits, observations and evaluations
    • Distribute & collect program data (pre/post assessments) as well as program documentation in the form of letters, sample art work, pictures, videos, etc.
    • Understand & articulate the diversity of programs that A4LSD offers including: Arts Education, Arts Integration, Arts Intervention, and STEAM programming including format variations such as In-School, After-School, PLC Rotations, 1:1 & Small Group (Arts Intervention only), and Summer Programs; Assemblies, Workshops, Family Arts Nights and Professional Development
    • Make sure Professional Teaching Artists are up-to-date with DOJ clearance, TB testing, business license, Mandatory Reporting, Insurance and other relevant district requirements
    • Oversee and distribute materials for teaching artists (i.e. timesheets, lesson plan formats, etc.)
    • Support artists in creating original curriculum for 6-32 week in-school and after-school residency programs, Pre-K-12th grade, as appropriate and aligned with A4LSD and standards, as appropriate
    • Assist the Programs Director, Grant Writer and Development Director with support materials and documentation for all funding related to programs being managed to ensure there is sufficient underwriting support for the organizations sustainability goals.
    • Participate fully in donor campaigns, fundraising events, and friend-raiser events as appropriate and support events, communications and fundraising efforts of A4LSD.
    • Work with the Programs Director/Development Director/Executive Director to identity and promote ways to connect A4LSD artists with the Board, Donors and funders through public events
    • Assist the Programs Director in soliciting partner and artist support letters for fundraising
    • Collect research based documentation for grants, reports, etc.
    • Represent A4LSD as a cohesive, collaborative professional team member at all times
    • Provide ongoing marketing and communications materials and content regarding programs, teaching artists, and events for the A4LSD Website, Program Guide, General Newsletter, Artist-to-Artist, e-Blasts, social media sites, blog, etc. (A minimum of 90 days advanced notice and promotion of public events)
    • Provide Board Reports and updates as needed, as well as make appropriate contributions to A4LSD Annual Reports
    • Work with the Programs Director to ensure the timely and accurate collection, analysis, and reporting of program data and using same for trending, forecasting and informed recommendations. Having quantifiable and historical data available for same and maintaining accurate service metrics for program/s.
    • Participate and present A4LSD programs at schools, conferences and community events
    • Advocate for the value of arts education and the placement of professional working artists in schools and the overall community in the context of conferences, workshops, meetings, etc.
    • Distribute & collect program photo releases, family informational letters, and program swag at all school sites, as appropriate
    • Co-Lead Artist Information Events as a way to continually build & refine the teaching artist roster at A4LSD, on an as-needed basis. Actively recruit and engage high quality teaching artists as independent contractors through a formal vetting process
    • Work with the Programming Team to find innovative ways to attract, recruit, develop and retain the best quality Professional Teaching Artists to A4LSD
    • Manage A4LSD Teaching Artist Roster including hiring, ongoing observation/critical feedback, lesson planning & curriculum support, and problem solving at sites and/or with Professional Teaching Artists as needed
    • Model alignment of all with the A4LSD Mission/Vision and Core Values & Beliefs; Galvanizing the artist community around ideas that strengthen their partnership with A4LSD and their commitment to the A4LSD vision
    • Work with the Programming Team to identify and develop Professional Learning opportunities; Attend, inform and encourage Professional Teaching Artists to participate in relevant professional learning opportunities within the community
    • Work with Programming Team and Professional Teaching Artists to continuously strengthen and develop quality programming to all students, families, communities, partners and artists
    • Co-plan and co-lead Annual Artist Events with other Program Managers including: nominating the Teaching Artist of the Year award, coordination of photo/video slide show, and co-planning inspirational activities that motivate artists and creative positive culture to work in
    • Work with the Programs Director/Executive Director to create the program/s budget/s and manage oversite of same to attain annual budgetary goals of sustainability
    • Responsible for program expansion, growth and depth in accordance with the A4LSD Strategic Plan
    • Participate in the screening, program development and other planning of special events, culminating activities or performances representing A4LSD
    • Plan, advertise and facilitate workshops and presentations in the community to further A4LSD’s position as a leader in arts education and to raise professionalism of the teaching artist field to further grow our reach and ensure long term sustainability through collaboration and partnership
    • Work in partnership with the A4LSD Team and Board on special projects, events and other duties as assigned

    Supervises and/or coordinates with contractors to:

    • Complete an assessment and revision of the Nonprofit Partner application and vetting process
    • Maintain a directory of Nonprofit Partners offering arts integration residencies and complimentary programming for grades K-12
    • Oversee the application, vetting and orientation process for new Nonprofit Partners who wish to be added to the directory
    • Facilitate orientation meetings for new hires at existing Nonprofit Partner organizations as necessar

    Skills and abilities:

    • A passion for arts education in school and community settings, including the role of teaching artists/community artists in education
    • At least five years arts-based teaching experience in schools/community settings
    • At least two years of experience planning, implementing and evaluating arts education (discrete arts education + arts integration) as well as helping others plan, pilot and assess their own arts and arts integrated lessons
    • Demonstrated ability in observing teaching artists and/or classroom teachers and providing constructive feedback and facilitating discussions
    • Experience in evaluating artistic merit of diverse arts programs
    • Experience in supervising, coaching, mentoring and evaluation
    • Experience in project management, including project data tracking, and budget creation, management and tracking
    • Proven experience in significantly growing a portfolio of programs/services
    • Demonstrated ability to work collaboratively across departments and stakeholders

    The Program Manager should have a basic understanding of the arts education movement at the local, state, and national level including knowledge of the National Core Art Standards, (NCAS), California VAPA Standards, Common Core, Standards for Professional Learning, 21st Century Skills, STEAM movement, Media Arts and the Trauma-Informed/Restorative Justice movement. A Bachelor’s degree is required in arts, education, non-profit program management, or another relevant field. Deep knowledge of the arts education field, innovative visioning of the future, people skills, resilience, adaptability, great organizational skills, time management skills, the ability to prioritize, and strategic thinking skills are all needed for success in this position. This position requires an organized, self-starter with three to five years of non-profit arts program management is highly desired. A passion for arts education and serving the community is a must! A commitment to the mission/vision of A4LSD and believe in the power of arts education. Must be able to work well with people (artists, educators, staff) and possess excellent professional communication, curriculum writing skills, problem solving skills and be able to work with a diverse population. An entrepreneurial and self directed attitude. Comfortable multi-tasking and agility balancing multiple projects simultaneously. High professional ethical standards. Experience working with diverse communities and a commitment to cultural sensitivity and fluency. A sense of humor. A strategic, team oriented outlook paired with a keen attention to detail. Strong computer literacy is essential including Microsoft Suite, Constant Contact, Outlook, Salesforce, and Adobe. The ideal candidate for this position is able to move fluidly between both hemispheres of the brain, using strong analytical skills and attention to detail when necessary, as well as building strong relationships with all program partners that result in mutual respect and camaraderie. A life-long learner remaining grounded in best practices and new research via classes, conferences, research, etc. that will inform all aspects of duties and responsibilities.

    This is a FT exempt position (40 hours per week). Salary is commensurate with candidate’s qualifications and experiences. Paid vacation, holidays, sick days annually, Health and Retirement Benefits according to A4LSD benefit structure (per the A4LSD Employee Handbook) provided Employee successfully completes 90-day probationary period.

    No phone calls.

    Please e-mail your cover letter, resume and references to:

    Arts for Learning San Diego is an equal opportunity employer and seeks workforce diversity with respect to race, ethnicity, gender, age, sexual orientation, and physical ability.

    For more information on A4LSD please visit our website at

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