Sep 03, 2015 to Oct 05, 2015

Playing at Diversionary Theatre Mainstage
4545 Park Boulevard, #101, San Diego, CA 92116

Presented by Diversionary Theatre

Amazons explores the true story of Leni Riefenstahl - one of the most accomplished and infamous filmmakers of the 20th Century, whose entire career and legacy were marked by her association with the Nazi Party. Jordan Harrison's riveting production tells a fictional account of the filmmaker's current project: "Penthesilea," a movie adaptation about the Amazon Queen's love for and battle with the Greek hero Achilles. Riefenstahl, known as "The Frau," casts a Jewish man as Achilles, assuring him that as long as he acts in her film he will be safe from the war-torn backdrop of the time. However, when she casts a handsome messenger boy (Weinberg) to play Achilles' companion Patroclus, the chemistry between the two men ignites both on and off camera, threatening to unwind The Frau's film and career aspirations.

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