Frankie and Maria's Italian Wedding at Ramona

Jul 08, 2017 to Jul 08, 2017

Playing at Ramona Mainstage
626 Main Street
, Ramona, CA 92065

YOU call it CHAOS....WE call it FAMILY! Join this big Italian wedding as they sing, dance, eat, and party with YOU! Frankie & Maria and their east coast families will have you laughing all night long. Tons of fun...and of course ... enough food to choke even your mother-in-law! The surprises never stop and the action keeps you on your feet! Come and join all of us where YOU become part of the entertainment and maybe even meet a cousin or two at the CRAZIEST wedding you will ever attend!! FUGGEDABOUDIT!!

Ticket price includes a two-hour show with full gourmet dinner buffet, dessert and lots of dancing!

Support the Arts Full Price: $79.00
Special ArtsTix price: $59.00


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