Jan 14, 2017 to Apr 01, 2017

Playing at The Abbey
2825 5th Avenue, San Diego, CA 92103

YOU call it CHAOS....WE call it FAMILY! Join this big Italian wedding as they sing, dance, eat, and party with YOU!
Frankie & Maria and their east coast families will have you laughing all night long. Tons of fun...and of course ... enough food to choke even your mother-in-law! The surprises never stop and the action keeps you on your feet! Come and join all of us where YOU become part of the entertainment and maybe even meet a cousin or two at the CRAZIEST wedding you will ever attend!! FUGGEDABOUDIT!!

Ticket price includes a two-hour show with full gourmet dinner buffet, dessert and lots of dancing!

Support the Arts Full Price: $79.00
Special ArtsTix price: $59.00

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