Oct 11, 2018 to Oct 13, 2018

Playing at City Heights Performance Annex
3795 Fairmount Avenue, San Diego, California 92105

Visionary Dance Theatre presents Questa
Based on the genealogical work of Artistic Director Spencer John Powell’s ancestors from the beautiful little village of Questa, New Mexico, he has traced his family’s roots back to the early 1600’s and has developed work representing the family names of Duran, Rael, and Quintana, their Indigenous, Spanish, Jewish, French and African lineage.

In our current atmosphere where America is at odds with Mexicans (and for that matter people of color) and the rhetoric of their Americanism in question, Visionary Dance Theatre has curated a concert to celebrate the American heritage of a family of color who have been in America since the 1600’s and is all American. Bring your family and friends and enjoy an evening of dance that celebrates a true American family.

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