Blurred at the Edges

Mar 19, 2019 to Mar 27, 2019

Playing at Diversionary Theatre Black Box
4545 Park Boulevard, San Diego, California 92116

AD Productions presents Blurred at the Edges

“Blurred at the Edges,” a one-person play written and performed by Steven Oberman, pays tribute to a pioneer for the humane care of those with developmental disabilities. The play takes audiences to England of 1887, where Dr. John Langdon Down, the namesake for Down’s Syndrome, prepares for another day at Normansfield, his residential hospital for the “feeble-minded.” As Down chronicles his medical career specializing in the moral treatment of the mentally disabled, a surprise letter arrives with dire consequences for one of his patients. Although still affected by personal tragedies, Down must persevere in order to effectively fight for his patient’s wellbeing. Directed by by Robert May. (This is a guest production at the Black Box Space at Diversionary and produced by AD Productions)

Support-the-Arts Full-Price: $25 + Fee ArtsTix Price: $15 + Fee


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