The Trial of Richard lll

Sep 23, 2018 to Sep 23, 2018

Playing at The Veterans Museum - Balboa Park
2115 Park Blvd, San Diego, CA 92101

One Performance Only! 9/23/18 at 3 PM

The San Diego Shakespeare Society presents The Trial of Richard lll

************THIS IS A JURY SUMMONS**************

Assume King Richard lll survives the battle of Bosworth Field and is placed under arrest to stand trial. He is prosecuted for six heinous acts of murder; Those of the Lords Hastings, Rivers, Grey, and Vaughn, and most horribly of his two nephews, King Edward V, age 12, and Richard, Duke of York, age 9. The audience will serve as the jury on the case. At the conclusion of the trial, the Judge will call for a voice vote. A reception will follow where you can mingle with the cast that includes real-life assistant United States Attorneys. This is a fund raiser for both the Veterans Museum and the San Diego Shakespeare Society. Please come and help support our veterans and the SDSS programs we offer to our veterans.

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Reception to Follow

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