Presented by OnStage Playhouse
March 10 – April 2
OnStage Playhouse | Chula Vista

OnStage Playhouse opens 2023 with the story of a teenager who flees to her reclusive uncle’s retreat in the Costa Rican jungle to escape the aftermath of a horrific accident. The week they spend together forces them both to confront who they are as well as what it is they are running from.

Director Darvas says “Mr. Pierce has written a subtle, honest and beautiful play. Slowgirl will speak to a wide array of audience members and strike a chord in the hearts of our guests who always reminisced about what could’ve been if certain things in the past were different. Slowgirl challenges us as a viewer of art on stage -Who we are… who we were… and who we may become. The themes in Slowgirl embody our mission as theatre makers, and we are certain your ride home will be filled with incredible discussions!”

Featuring Jason Heil and Ava Smithmier

Wearing of masks is encouraged but optional for those who are vaccinated.

Support-the-Arts Full Price: $25 No Fee
ArtsTix Discount: $20 No Fee