Dear Friends:

Theatre is woven into the fabric of our lives and neighborhoods. While the intrinsic effect of theatre on the community is profound, the economic impact to the San Diego region is equally significant – supporting jobs, generating government revenue, and acting as a key player in our tourism industry.

At this time, we are asking you, our community, for your continued support during this temporary “intermission”. If you’ve ever seen a show you loved, if you’ve ever connected with a friend at the theater or debated furiously at a post-show discussion, YOU are a part of our story too. And we need you. Please consider contributing whatever you can to help support live art in San Diego.

Here are three ways you can currently support our local arts community:


In the best of times, each of the San Diego non-profit theaters relies on the support of ticket buyers and donors to realize our missions. We need that support now more than ever as we serve our communities online and prepare for the days when we can once again gather in our theaters and share the art we all love. If you purchased a ticket to a show that has been postponed or canceled because of COVID-19, please consider donating the price of the ticket back to the theater.  If you are able, please consider a charitable donation to any of these theaters making profound impacts to the quality of life in San Diego.


Our theaters have found ways in these unprecedented times to continue to serve San Diegans. The community is providing numerous online theatre programs, from theatre classes to live zoom performances to full productions that were filmed prior to the closings. Show your support by consuming, participating in and sharing these innovative new ways to keep art alive in our community.


As ramifications of the coronavirus pandemic continue to play out, immediate and bold action will be required by all communities to provide relief for affected individuals, companies, and industries. As local, state, and federal leaders create legislative relief resources, we ask that you serve as an advocate for the support of theatre organizations alongside other impacted arts and entertainment workers, venues, and companies.

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