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April 5 – April 21
presented by Scripps Ranch Theatre

Tensions simmer with three generations of Tucker women under one roof, but things come to a boil as the violence hovering around the periphery of their lives begins to intrude.

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Sense of Decency

April 17 – May 12
presented by North Coast Repertory Theatre
Solana Beach

After WWII ended, the Nuremberg trials began. Hermann Göring was the highest-ranking Nazi alive. American Army psychiatrist Dr. Douglas M. Kelley was tasked with interviewing him extensively and keeping him fit for trial. What happened in that fateful room resulted in profound and unexpected consequences for both men.

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Foul Play

April 19 – May 12
presented by Community Actors Theatre
Oak Park

In this mystery-comedy, Clarence has just been awarded clown of the year, he and his wife return home to relax and reminisce about his wonderful celebration night, but something goes theatrically wrong when someone accidentally gets shot.

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The Prom

April 19-27
Saville Theatre (San Diego City College) | Downtown

In small-town Indiana, Emma, a smart and brave young woman, plans to bring her girlfriend to her high school prom.

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April 19-27
presented by Kidz Danz Kompany

The critically-acclaimed and award-winning Kidz Danz Kompany, San Diego’s premier children’s dance company, presents “Colors”, KDK’s 30th Anniversary show.

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The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate

March 16 – May 5
presented by Lamb’s Players Theatre | Coronado
It’s 1899, and everyone is pushing young Callie when all she longs for is to be outside exploring nature and recording what she discovers.

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Holy Radiant Light

May 4 & 5
presented by La Jolla Symphony & Chorus
University of California | La Jolla
Join La Jolla Symphony & Chorus for an ethereal voyage ‘To the Stars,’ guided by the artistry of Music Director and Orchestra Conductor, Sameer Patel.

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